SPF: What I'm Using for Face and Body

SPF Samantha Series

I'm quite good about wearing SPF every day, both on my face and body. Generally, when it comes to the face, I've used a lot of Korean BB creams with SPF in the past. I have a couple Korean bits currently in use, so I'll be talking about those as well!


I love products that incorporate SPF. I've tried having a separate face cream just for SPF and always hated adding that extra layer. So, when it comes to SPF for the face, for me, it's all about products that I would already normally use, that also have SPF in it. 

Korean brands know how to incorporate SPF and they're my top choice when it comes to an everyday base with sun protection. Currently, I'm using the ItsSkin Prestige Creme Ginseng d'Escargot which has SPF 35 PA+++. I purchased this a year ago at C+C Cosmetics which is a small store in Montreal that sells Korean beauty products. I've been wearing this all year since I got it, and it has lasted so well. You only need one pump for your whole face, and it has a nice medium coverage. This is one of my favourite BB Creams I've ever tried, as it makes my skin look so healthy, glowing and hydrated. I always get complimented on my skin when I wear this! Highly recommend. 

The Etude House Face Blur is a recent addition to my collection, but I'm really liking it already. It's a primer with SPF 33 PA++. This by itself over a moisturizer already makes my skin look very smooth, bright and hydrated. It's definitely not a slippy silicone-y primer, rather a thin, lotion-y hydrating primer. It has a strong fragrance that sort of reminds me of a classic bar soap smell. But that doesn't bother me. It works so well under makeup, and again, it's Korean <3

Ok let's take a break and look at something NOT Korean. The Marcelle City Tinted Cream is a tinted moisturizer with very light coverage. It has SPF 25, but only offers UVB protection. It claims to have antioxidants and to protect the skin against environmental aggressors. By itself, it offers a very flattering, natural, radiant finish. I often use this as a base, underneath my L'Oréal Pro Glow foundation, and tend to use this more on the not-so-sunny days. It's a good base product, but I probably wouldn't repurchase since it doesn't offer broad spectrum protection. 

Now back to the last Korean product with SPF that I'm loving. The SecretKey Miracle Essence Concealer has SPF 30 PA++. You read that right... a concealer with SPF. I'm telling you, Koreans know what's up! I use this underneath my eyes, and it has a pretty good coverage and blends out nicely with my fingertip or with a sponge. Basically just a good concealer with SPF. 


The L'Oréal sale is where I stock up on body sunscreens for the year. This year, I was pleased to find a lot more of the spray sunscreen types, which are so much easier to apply, in addition to being less thick and less sticky. I got two sprays, one from Vichy and one from La Roche Posay, both at SPF 50. Both also offer broad spectrum protection. For good measure, since I'll be travelling to Europe this summer and don't want to bring a big spray can with me, I got the Ombrelle sunscreen in SPF 50. The texture for this one is lovely as well. It's quite thin and has a dry touch finish. 

Vichy La Roche Posay Ombrelle sunscreen


Supergoop SPF 50 Mist: A couple of years ago, I read about SPF mists in some online magazine article and immediately wanted one. SPF protection doesn't last all day, so it's smart to give it a top up every couple of hours. Unfortunately, none of the mists listed in the article were available in Canada, so finally, I stumbled upon this one on the Urban Outfitters website. I'm hoping to get my hands on this before travelling!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream SPF 50: I actually ordered this a couple of months ago, and was so excited to try it. To my surprise, and disappointment, the shade Light was much too dark for my skin. I am always "Light" in everything! I would never consider myself a fair skin tone, so this was a bit of a letdown to me... I ended up giving the CC Cream to my aunt, and went back online to order it in Fair, but alas! It was sold out. I've noticed it recently came back in stock so I might make an order soon, especially since my ItsSkin BB Cream is nearly done.