How I Handled a Reaction to a Skincare Product


Last month, my skin reacted badly to a product, for the first time. Angry, itchy, red patches covered my cheeks. The product in question was the Nip+Fab Glycolic Night Fix Extreme. I'd used it a couple of times before, but always noticed that my skin had small red bumps in the morning, so I stopped and it sat in my cupboard. For some reason, I reached for it again after coming back from holiday, and woke up the next morning to the reaction. Lesson leaned - listen to your skin when it doesn't like a product!

For the first two days, my face felt so uncomfortable. It felt tight and itchy, and like it was emanating heat. I even considered taking anti-histamines (but didn't when I saw it was getting better). There was a slight burning sensation. The next 5 days, my skin got better as I stuck to a simple routine using gentle products. I wore absolutely no makeup. Sure, I looked like I had some terrible acne or skin condition, but I really did not want to further irritate my skin.

Every morning and night, I would cleanse using the Marcelle 3-in-1 Cleanser. It's a gentle cleanser with a moisturizing, lotion-y consistency. It does not foam up! So I would massage this into my skin, and rinse it off or wipe it off with a cotton pad. The ingredients seem to be quite good, including witch hazel water as the second ingredient which helps tone the skin. My skin felt soothed and clean. 


In the morning, following cleanse, I would just spray my skin with the HERBIVORE Hibiscus Rose Mist. This contains coconut water which gives this an extra hydration kick. This mist has such a lovely scent, and gave a nice thin layer of hydration to my skin. I would then go in with a very small amount of The Ordinary's Squalane Oil that I would spread thinly onto my skin, because I don't want to have an oily face throughout the day. The oil is very thin, so it sinks into the skin nicely. Whenever my skin started feeling extra dry or irritated throughout the day, I would reach for the HERBIVORE mist for relief, and it was really such a pleasure to use.

At night, I would basically follow the exact same routine (cleanse-mist-squalane oil) but with one added step. After cleansing, I would put on the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Mask and let that sit for more than the recommended time of 10 mins. I'd keep it on for about 20 mins. I found this really did help tone down some of the redness and itchiness on my cheeks. After the mask I'd go in, again, with the mist and the squalane oil. 

So what from my experience, this is how to take care of your skin when you react badly to a product:

  1. Use gentle products (no acids, no physical exfoliants, nothing drying, etc)
  2. Have a simple, consistent routine
  3. No Makeup

It took one week for my skin to be back to normal! 


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Have you ever reacted badly to a product? If so, which product?