COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch


I don't often get pimples, but when I do, they always appear right in the middle of my cheek and stay there for about a week. Earlier this year, for the first time, I got one above my lip which was just durts... and I'm generally from the "don't put concealer over it because it looks crusty and worse" school of thought, so when I get a pimple, I like to just let it be. 

I ordered these patches from YesStyle which is generally my go-to place to order Asian beauty and skincare bits. You can see the other products I got at the same time [here] in my haul post. 

So when a pimple cropped up, I put these patches to the test. Right away, the best thing these patches do is to blur out the pimple and make it look less red, thus drawing less attention to it. They are quite subtle, but if someone notices that there's a little transparent sticker sort of thing on your face, it's really not a big deal. Also, it's worth noting that they are not a shiny, reflective material so they won't catch light and draw attention.

The next best thing that these patches offer straight away is protection. I'm a picker, and I seem to always somehow touch my face and make things worse. But these patches prevent you from doing that and already, that's a huge plus in my books. It treats the pimple as an actual wound, and allows it to heal in peace.


The COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches are affordable at only $5 CAD and come in a pack of 24pcs. The pieces vary in sizes of 7mm, 10mm, and 12mm in diameter. 

You can wear these during the day or overnight. For the daytime, I applied my makeup as I normally do, and then used a Q-tip dipped in micellar water to remove the makeup over my pimple. Then use the other side of the Q-tip just dampened with water to remove micellar water remnants and make sure the pimple is totally clean before placing the patch. 

You can place the patch over a whitehead, and the patch actually absorbs the gross white gunk! Which makes the transparent patch actually turn sort of opaque white. This only happened for me after about a week of using the patches, though.

The COSRX Acne Master Patches are not a quick fix-it product, but it ensures that your pimple will heal safely, without irritating your skin or using any harsh products. And since it doesn't allow you to tamper with your pimple, you have less chance of scarring. I am really pleased with it! I wish I knew about these when I was a teenager though, haha.... 

Here are some of the (super cute) infographics for this product that I pulled from YesStyle:

Image source: YesStyle