Why I Want a One-Piece Swimsuit

The last time I wore a one-piece swimsuit, I was in my pre-teens. Even then, I felt singled out because I was the only one who was wearing a one-piece swimsuit in my age group. Since then, I've gravitated toward bikinis.

One-pieces seem to be acknowledged as the swimwear for women who are conservative, older, competitive swimmers, or simply not happy with their physique. But anyone can wear whatever the heck they want! I've reached a point in my life where I don't care anymore whether or not I fit in. In fact, I like to be different.

Only recently do I see one-pieces having a comeback, just as styles always come round again! Above, I've shown some one-pieces that I've come across in my online shopping escapades... As you can see there are so many styles that can actually be showy with cutouts, lace detailing, and low backs. The one-piece swimsuit comes in so many different styles that are sexy, elegant and classy. They also come in the most gorgeous prints. Plus, there's added benefit of never having to be worried about losing your bikini top or bottom in a wave! (which is a personal fear of mine)

Bottom left: Lace Up One Piece
Bottom right: Leaf Twist One Piece