I'm introducing a series on my blog called Instagoodies, where I put together some of my favourite photos I've shared on Instagram recently. Instagram is something I've only very recently ventured into, and I'm trying to post every day, so I think making this Instagoodies blog post every now and then will motivate me to continue posting and to reflect on my progress. So far I've mostly posted selfies and photos of food... Hoping to venture into more fashion-y posts or photos of me that aren't just selfies. But I'm so shy having someone take photos of me in public! I feel so awkward posing. So there's that to improve on for next time!

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Celebrating one of the first warm spring days with ice cream from a local cremerie. 

My boyfriend's dad made these pizzas from scratch! Kneaded the dough and all. 

One of my favourite terraces in Montreal, which is a tapas bar called Le Bureau. Decently priced for great food - and their drinks menu is pretty good too!

This is an older photo from when I was visiting Monaco... I've been missing it recently because everyone on social media lately seems to be in the Riviera for the Cannes film festival! 

A selfie I took while on a rooftop terrace in Old Montreal... Nice views and nice wine. 
Can't complain.

A selfie I posted for throwback thursday, where my hair is so long! And I'm lookin' quite glam too.