I Unsubscribed from Ipsy

Ipsy was my first experience with beauty subscription boxes and it was all right.

One year is a good length of time to experience a subscription box. For the most part, the boxes were average or disappointing, and I began to entertain the idea of unsubscribing. But then, as if ipsy sensed this, they picked up their slack and gave me three great bags in October, November and December. [edit: I've just read Shireen's post on her blog Reflection of Sanity where she explains a very similar experience with ipsy]

Despite the wave of good bags, I still decided to unsubscribe.

The main reason I unsubscribed from ipsy is because it was getting too expensive for me (or, I couldn't justify spending that much on it). Ipsy ships to Canada, however, there is an extra cost for shipping and the real kicker is the fact that the Canadian dollar has dropped in value over the past year. Therefore, throughout the year, the ipsy bag was getting more and more expensive for me. To get ipsy, I was paying about an extra ten or twelve Canadian dollars a month from shipping and the exchange rate! *yikes*

If you live in the United States, then ipsy is a great service and I would highly recommend it, despite the few disappointing bags. After all, it is only $10 USD for a fun bag of makeup every month. If you live in Canada, there are some other great subscription boxes that I'm looking into myself, such as Topbox or Birchbox, which will provide much better value.