A New Nailpolish and Lipstick from Revlon

I was at my local drugstore and spotted a display with new Revlon products. Revlon is a brand I haven't tried much from - maybe just a lipstick and a mascara. So I picked up their new Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor and one of their new nail polish colours.

The Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is in the shade "Love", a bright poppy red, and the nail polish is in the shade "Passionate". The lipstick is interesting because it is sort of a liquid lipstick, but not really. I'll explain.

The lipstick is nicely pigmented like a typical liquid lipstick, however, it doesn't have the staying power of a liquid lipstick. It wears down gracefully, becoming a light stain on the lips. It feels very flexible on the lips and you can control how pigmented you want to wear it. It definitely does not have the texture of a gloss; it kind of feels velvety smooth on the lips, as well as lightweight and moisturizing. It's quite pleasant.

Now, here's where it gets weird. It claims to be a matte finish, but that depends on how you apply it. If you apply a thick layer, it will appear glossy but eventually (~30 mins later) it will become matte. Or, you can apply a thin layer, and that appears to be more matte. Either way, I would call the finish as a sort of demi-matte. In the photo below, the swatch on the left is applied more thickly, and you can see how it appears glossy, and the swatch on the right is a light swatch, and you can see how it appears more matte.

Altogether, this lip product confuses me, but pleases me. I like it. I understand why Revlon called it a "Lipcolor"; it simply doesn't fall into any other category like lipgloss, liquid lipstick, or a stain... it is neither of those, but kind of all of them at the same time.

Onto the nail polish. "Passionate" is a new shade by Revlon and it's a dark raspberry colour. You can get away with applying two coats, but I prefer this shade with three coats to make the colour a bit more dark. It applies evenly. Unfortunately, it chips quite easily by itself - unless, if you're willing to do the extra step, you can apply a base coat. That seems to really improve how the polish wears. And of course a top coat.

Here is a photo I took while perusing the Christmas aisle of a drugstore and found a wrapping paper in exactly the same colour as this nail polish! So I took a photo. So cool.

That's all! Have you guys seen these new products yet? And what did you think of them?