November 2015 Ipsy Bag

Ipsy is on a roll. November's turnout is great and comes in a pretty galaxy print makeup bag.

So let's get straight to the best product in this bag: The liquid highlighter. It's called Liquid Gossamer, by the brand Jelly Pong Pong. I've tried a 2-in-1 Shadow liner by this brand, which I had received in a previous ipsy bag, and I really rate it. Anyways back to the highlighter - it's simply gorgeous. Comparable to Becca, I'd say. Actually, this is probably what Champagne Pop would be like if it was in liquid format. If you want to know more about this highlighter, I'll be featuring it in a future post soon, so keep an eye out! ;)

The next makeup product I received is a matte red lipstick by the brand Tre'Stique, which is also a familiar brand because I'd received something by them in a previous ipsy bag. The colour "Chile Red" is a nice bright red, and the formula is velvety matte. It feels very comfortable on the lips.

Oh and I love getting brushes in my ipsy bags; this one is an angled eyeliner brush by INSPR Beauty. 

The last two products are a mascara and moisturizer. I've never tried anything by Smashbox before, so I'm excited to try this Full Exposure Mascara. The moisturizer is by the brand Tucker Ashley, which is unfamiliar to me, but I'm very impressed with the product. It is oil-free and feels very lightweight and gentle. 

And that's all! - I think this is one of the best ipsy bags I've received so far. I'm happy with all the products, and I'm absolutely head over heels for the highlighter. 

If you are interested in buying it or any other products from Jelly Pong Pong (and I got this from the ipsy site, it's not sponsored or anything lol) you can go to and it's free shipping over $50 and you can get 20% off with the code IPSY20.