Marcelle Warehouse Sale | Haul

'Tis the season for warehouse sales! Marcelle is a Canadian drugstore brand that sells both makeup and skincare. I much prefer the skincare over the makeup, which is typical drugstore quality, whereas the skincare is of premium quality. They have a warehouse sale twice a year where they sell their products at great prices - All makeup is a fixed price of $2.50 and skincare is also seriously discounted. Bargain.

Marcelle Haul Samantha Series Blog

I really like the Marcelle brand because their products are simple, gentle and effective. Many of their products are geared toward sensitive skin as they are fragrance free (& Paraben free). Since the products are so simple and gentle, they are great to incorporate with any skincare regimen. I go through skincare very quickly (especially cleansers and creams) so I like to stock up when I get the chance. 

Marcelle Samantha Series Day Night Cream Gene Youth

Gene Youth Night Cream - Suitable for all skin types and claims to do three things: "Regenerates skin from damage caused during the day, Detoxifies for radiant skin in the morning, Targets multiple signs of aging." The texture is thicker than the day cream and it feels very luxurious.

Marcelle Moisture Cream - Also suitable for all skin types. A very basic and effective day cream that works great underneath makeup. It has a light and non-greasy texture. 

Marcelle Samantha Series Blog Moisturizer Cleanser

Ultra Gentle Moisturizing Cream - I got another day cream because I wanted one in a more travel-friendly format than a tub. This one is very creamy but also very light? It has a wonderful texture and hydrates the skin very well. I really recommend this one, especially for people with sensitive skin! 

Purifying Cleanser - I used this cleanser for two days now and it feels very gentle. My skin doesn't feel "stripped" whatsoever; in fact, my skin feels very fresh and hydrated after using this cleanser. 

Marcelle Samantha Series Blog Terracopper Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow in "Terracopper" - Got this on a whim, and it's simply a pretty shimmery brown eyeshadow with red undertones. The different "squares" appear to be slightly different colours but to be honest, they all look the same swatched. It's still a very pretty eyeshadow and it swatches well. 

And that's all! I'm really happy with all of these products, especially the face creams which all feel very luxurious. And I love that the night cream is in a black tub, and the day cream is in a clear tub, making them very easy to distinguish. Coming soon is a L'OrΓ©al warehouse sale haul.... keep an eye out :)