October Ipsy Bag 2015

Happy October! This month's ipsy bag has more of a square shape, with one black glossy side and one gold side.

There are two makeup products that I'm happy about.

There is a travel size liquid lipstick by The Balm Cosmetics in the shade Committed, a pinky nude. The formula is opaque and dries matte. Something that I'm not sure I like is that it smells strongly of Vanilla-Mint. This smell fades once the product dries on the lips. I've never tried a liquid lipstick before so I have to say this one gave me a good first impression :)

My personal favourite from this bag is the Mica Beauty Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze. The formula is very thin and lightweight, but very pigmented and easy to blend with just the fingertip. This lasted all day! I'm very pleasantly surprised by this product since I'd never heard of the brand before.

Nourish Organics is a brand I want to try out more. Their packaging is so gorgeous with botanical illustrations. I got this Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum which is really quite nice. It has a subtle but pleasant scent. The tube is a little on the small side (14ml) but I have another 14ml tube of Argan Eye Cream from Nourish Organics which I've been working on for a few months now and it's still going strong!

I'm usually quite picky with BB Creams but the Pur-Lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream applied quite nicely. It gives a very natural finish and it makes the skin feel nice and soft. It comes in such a tiny little tube (10ml) which is probably only good for like 5 uses.

The final product in the bag is a body scrub by Balanced Guru. I was expecting the scrub to be like the scrubs from The Body Shop (Which are the only scrubs I've used lol) but, to my surprise, the product is quite dry. Actually, slightly damp. It has a strong smell of coffee, ginger and mint, which is enough to jolt you awake on a dull afternoon. Apparently this can be used on the face and body, but I only tried it out on my face. It made my skin feel very smooth and refreshed.

So there you go! I'm pleased with what I got this month as well as the bag itself. Have you tried any f these products? If you did, what did you think?