Easy Autumnal Cocktails

Happy Halloween! You deserve a drink. I have two simple cocktail recipes that are delicious and autumnal. Each recipe only has three ingredients. 

Disclaimer: These contain alcohol. Obviously, if you are underage, then don't make or consume these. And please drink responsibly.

SPARKLING BERRY BRANDY: A sweet berry drink, best consumed while wearing dark berry lippy. Brandy is made with a fruit base so it pairs so nicely with berry juices... You can pick any berry juice you like such as cranberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc. It's all about adapting it to individual taste; this includes how much of each ingredient you use. There are no measurements. Add however much brandy you like. 

You will need: Berry juice, Sparkling Water, Brandy (St-Remy)

SPICED RUM CIDER: This can be consumed hot or cold. I recommend putting it in a pot on the stove and warming it up to make a nice mulled... cocktail. I don't think this can be called mulled cider because a) it contains rum and b) we're not using alcoholic cider. But I guess you can add that in if you like! Hmm, not a bad idea. This is an alternative to the usual autumnal hot drinks such PSL if you wanna get turntttttttt (lol jk)

You will need: Apple cider, Cinnamon, Bacardi Spiced Rum. 

2/3 of your drink should be apple juice cider, 1/3 Spiced rum (or more/less if you like), a pinch of cinnamon. Stir. Optional: Heat in a pot over the oven for a few minutes on low-medium heat, stirring occasionally.