Disappointing Products #2: The Concise Review

5 products that disappointed me or didn't live up to the hype. Each product is explained in 3 sentences.

L'Oréal Nude Magic Foundation : I don't like the texture. It feels really slippy, and even kind of oily. The formula is extremely light and clings to dry patches, so I may as well not even put anything on my face.

Essie's Russian Roulette : The formula for this is very thin. Even with three coats, it's still not opaque. The colour is a lovely true red but it I ain't got time to be putting 3+ coats, y'know?

Maybelline Babylips in #30 Peach Kiss : Not all the Babylips are created equal. Not only does this one look bad on dry lips, it doesn't do much in the moisturizing or softening department. It feels like it just "sits" on the lips, and then it wears off after about 15 mins.

Spectro Cleanser for Dry Skin : One of those cleansers that is soap-free (and therefore doesn't make bubbles or have a soapy texture). What throws me off about this is that it smells strongly of vodka. It also doesn't remove makeup whatsoever.

L'Oréal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara : There's always bound to be a mascara in a Disappointing Products post since mascara is such a personal thing. This one didn't hold a curl whatsoever, or make my lashes look that much longer or volumized. Pass.

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