Brainstorm: Easy Halloween Costumes

I hate to say this, but Halloween is my least favourite holiday. Well, my least favourite holiday as a university student. Everyone wants to wear sexy-this, sexy-that, and the costumes you buy at the store are ridiculously priced. And everyone goes clubbing and I'm just not about that life.

That being said, I like having a chilled night with my friends watching a scary movie and drinking. I have some costume suggestions below for you gals who want an easy costume to put together, and some of them you could even wear to the club if that's your thing!

Cactus: I think this is such a cute costume! The main thing you need is an old green hoodie, and if you don't have one just buy a cheapie one from F21 or Ardene or something. You can see the tutorial for this costume here by SoothingSista on Youtube.

Bat: Another costume find from Youtube. Dress in a cute all black outfit, and get bat wings from H&M. Done. You can see the video where I got this idea from here, by Rachelle Martino on Youtube.

Decade outfit: 70s. 80s. 90s. This is so easy to do if you really don't want to buy anything for halloween. Last year I dressed up in 90s style; denim on denim, browny-brick coloured lipstick, grungy eye makeup, and a super 90's hairstyle. If you have any graphic tees that have something very 90s-y, even better! The options are endless.

Lara Croft: This is ideal if you want a sexy outfit that's not tacky (like sexy nurse). Simply wear a tight tank top, cargo shorts and combat boots. I'm sure everyone has these items already. You can go to the dollar store and buy some cheap big plastic guns. Put your hair in a french braid, overline your lips if you're going for that Angelina Jolie vibe, and boom, you're done. 

The Smorgasbord: Just be wacky. Wear butterfly wings and a Santa hat. Literally anything. Hey, at least you're trying! Better than showing up to whatever you're dong with no costume.

If you want some more halloween costume inspo, you can check out Tess Christine's channel on youtube, I think she has some of the best DIY and halloween videos.

Remember: Please do not wear costumes that culturally appropriate other cultures! To find out more, I recommend checking out this website: