3 Autumn Blush Picks

I think that blusher is a staple beauty item in Autumn; flushed cheeks go hand in hand with colder weather. The three blushes below are the ones I reach for throughout this season.

Rose D'Oro by Milani: This is chock full of gold shimmer. Milani are quite known for their baked blushes - especially Luminoso. I'd say that Rose D'Oro is the deeper & more shimmery version of Luminoso. It's easy to go overboard with this blush, so use a light hand! Since this is quite shimmery, I prefer to pair it with simple eye makeup like winged liner. This is a drugstore blush, so quite inexpensive.

Tryst by Buxom: I hardly ever hear anything about Buxom's blushes, but this one is quite good. Although it doesn't look like much in the pan, it gives such a pretty flush to the cheeks - it's kind of in between a blush and a bronzer. A blonzer, if you will. It has a slightly reddish undertone, kind of like clay, and has a very subtle shimmer. 

Mood Light by Hourglass: Is this considered a classic yet? It should be! I think that out of all my blushes, I reach for this one the most in autumn. The colour is plummy-neutral and of course it is extremely finely milled like all of Hourglass' powders. It isn't shimmery but it gives a subtle highlighting effect.