Workout Leggings Haul

Back to school, and back to the school gym. I want to take going to the gym more seriously, and I thought, what better way to motivate myself than to get some workout clothing? I only had one pair of cheap yoga pants that got too stretched out, so I was in need of some new pants. 

First stop, Lululemon.

I had never been in a Lululemon shop before, and to be honest, I was a bit intimidated. I managed to find a pair of cropped leggings that I really liked, but they were 98 dollars! After a bit more searching, I found the same pair, only in a bright pink pattern, which was reduced to 59 dollars. Pink is usually not a colour I go for, but I thought what the hey, it's on sale! And I'm actually really digging the pink now. The girl working at the store explained that this pair was meant for working out, and not yoga; yoga leggings had a thicker material. I also found a cute workout bra with a butterfly pattern on it. I think that these items paired with a white or black tank top would look so cute. 

Next stop, Aritzia.

Another store I had never been in, and also that intimidated me. I didn't even know they sold workout clothing but I found some! They have leggings in both a cloth material and a spandex material. The Spandex material leggings run at around 50 dollars, and the cloth ones at 20 dollars. I bought two pairs of the cloth leggings: a cropped dark grey, and a full length light heather grey. These leggings would be great for both working out and for yoga. I was pleasantly surprised at the price of these leggings as Aritzia has a reputation for being, ahem, overpriced hipster stuff. I tried to find some workout tops to go with the leggings, but strangely, they had none. They only had leggings.

So there's my workout haul, which is motivating me right now to go to the gym!