Urban Outfitters Homeware Wishlist

I love homeware shopping and decorating interiors. Granted, I don't have a place of my own yet, but I was always the lame person who spent hours and hours decorating my Sims' houses, right down to the bedsheets. Urban Outfitters have a great selection of Homeware items, and I've gone through the entire Homeware section, or "Apartment" section as it is called on the site. Here are some picks that I really liked!

Samantha Series Urban Outfitters Wishlist Home

The bedding section is my favourite as there are so many options and unique prints. The bedding in the photo above is called the Magical Thinking Diamond Sham Set [link here]. The diamond print is made with loose stitching and there is an occasional cluster of black sequins. I love that it looks minimal and comfy/homey, and adds delicate monochrome detailing to plain white sheets.

Something I'm trying to do is get organized with bills and receipts and stuff. I've been looking for nice file folders and found a set with geometric print on the UO website. They are called Geo Pastel File Folders Set [link here]. I'm a bit of a stationery freak, and fancy file folders are so unnecessary but it's just really nice to have a bit of colour and print when it comes to dealing with filing, which in itself is a very dull activity. Some honourable mentions from the stationery section are these two notebooks: a marble print, and an agate print notebook [link here and here].

The above bowls are called the Ceramic Food Storage Bowl Set [link here]. They have such cute prints, and can be used as a regular bowl, or to bring food to school/work. When it comes to microwaves, I try to avoid microwaving my food on plastic, so these bowls are perfect.

And finally, the last item is a shower curtain. I often look at the shower curtains in-store but they are pretty expensive for just a shower curtain. But this is just a wishlist! :P The one in the photo is called the Plum & Bow Pom Pom Dot Shower Curtain [link here]. I like that it is white, which will keep the bathroom looking bright and clean, but also that it isn't some boring plain white: it has cute tiny pompoms on it!