Eyebrows have become a bit of an obsession in the last few years, what with Cara Delevingne and "brows on fleek" and so many new makeup products geared toward eyebrows. They are probably the most important feature on the face as they can greatly affect and enhance beauty. I think that women have become increasingly aware of this, and there are (hopefully) less disaster-cases of "I let my friend pluck my eyebrows and they're ruined". 

Every face is unique and therefore, every eyebrow shape must be personalized to suit the face. Now, if you asked me in high school, or even now, to shape my own eyebrows, I would be at a complete loss. The best thing you can do is to go see a professional who can can do it for you. I went to see Alexandra, of Alexandra Brows, who is an eyebrow specialist here in Montreal []. 

Alexandra first asked, "What do you want?" to which I replied, "Natural, clean brows". While working on my brows, Alexandra explained that her philosophy is about enhancing natural beauty, by finding the best proportions suited to each face. Indeed, she drew on an outline around my eyebrows, while measuring with a stick. She waxed my eyebrows into shape and, perfectionist she is, she went in with tweezers and plucked any little stubborn hairs. Alexandra then showed me, using the Anastasia Brow Wiz, how I should fill in my left brow more than my right one because it was sparser.

As someone who has been going to get my eyebrows threaded for the past few years, I've learned from my appointment with Alexandra that waxing is better. Threading does not catch all the little baby hairs, the "peach fuzz" kinda hairs, and it is also prone to hair breakage. The result is that after threading, the hairs grow in faster. With waxing, you can retain a clean eyebrow for longer as the wax also pulls all the little hairs. I also found my skin to be less irritated after waxing than threading.

If you live in the Montreal area, and are interested in getting your eyebrows professionally done, then I highly recommend seeing Alexandra of Alexandra Brows. She is an expert and an artist & very sweet and professional. She told me she is soon going to be doing house-calls, so if you are unable to go to her office in the West Island, you're in luck :)