My DIY Facial Mist

This is a bit exciting for me as I'm normally not a DIY-er. After mourning the end of my sample Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, and feeling too miserly to buy a full sized bottle, I decided to make my own little concoction.

I love facial mists as much as the next beauty gal. However, as a student, I simply can't justify spending so much money on a mist such as the Caudalie one, or the Jurlique one. To me, they're a treat; something not necessary to skincare but definitely nice to have every now and then. This DIY spray is a bit of a loose guideline to how you can make your own spray. You don't need to follow the instructions to a T, but instead use what you already have from your skincare products. 


Rosewater: The rosewater gives a nice fragrant smell; I happened to already have a bottle of rosewater lying around, purchased from a Persian supermarket.

A Moisturizer: I suggest using a gel moisturizer or some sort of moisturizing essence. The one I used is the ItsSkin Gel Effector, which I wrote about in a blog post here. I put one whole eyedropper's worth into the solution.

A Serum: Any serum you use that is water soluble (i.e. not oily). I put in a few drops of the Lancome Genefique Serum.

Filtered Water: To fill up the rest of the bottle. 

Now, I don't do exact measurements, but I'll guess each ingredient is about 1/4 of the solution. This recipe is totally alterable to the skincare products that you already use. I like to mix mine into the empty Jurlique Rosewater Spray bottle, simply because I like the way it sprays a fine mist, and that it is very small and easy to throw into a handbag.

I use this spray all the time: Before putting on makeup, it preps my skin by moisturizing it and adding a bit of serum. Voilà, skin is prepped in one step, without feeling like you've put on too many layers on your face. I also use it after applying makeup and throughout the day, just to freshen up. 

I hope this inspires someone to try making their own mist! It's kind of fun mixing everything together.