Mini J. Crew Jewelry Haul

 J Crew was having insane sales recently; In addition to the already-marked down price, you take an another 75% off. And then I got an extra 15% off because I'm a student. What whaaaaaat. Bargain.

There isn't any J Crew Store in Montreal (weh). As it happens, I was in Burlington, Vermont, for a weekend and bought three pieces of jewelry for a grand total of 27 dollars. The receipt showed how much I had saved and it was around 120 dollars (!!!!!).

So without further ado, here are the pieces I bought!

The Rose Gold necklace - The one I wear most days, with a casual outfit.

The Bracelet with Triangle-Shaped Crystals - Quite dainty and glitzy. I like.

The Statement Necklace - This one feels very heavy. It looks glamorous and badass, with a 1920s vibe to it.

I'm really loving these pieces and have been wearing them loads. Let me know which one you like in the comments! :)