Hello from Muskoka

Hey there! I'm in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. This week is a wonderfully lazy week, with every day spent at the beach. Yes, there are beaches in Canada, although, this is a beach on a lake. Canada has a lot of lakes.

It's so pretty here... Beautiful lakes and rolling hills everywhere. We're very lucky as we have a warm, sunny week. I didn't bring much makeup, although, for skincare, I brought SPF and quite a few sheet masks.


Rural Canada is very Canadian. I don't know how else to put it. Think of a very Canadian accent; that's how most people here speak. People also greet you whenever you pass by them. There are Canada flags everywhere, which is kind of nice to see as I live in Quebec (not to get too much into politics here, but to explain, Quebec is French and wants to separate from Canada so there are more Quebec flags). Also I saw a moose on the side of the highway. How much more Canadian can this get?