Asos Wishlist #2 | Shoes

So I'm a bit obsessed with shoes. What girl isn't? The shoe section on Asos is my favourite to browse through. Here are some picks that made it to my "Saved Items" list! 

Top left corner: "ASOS SHUTTLE Heels"
These are the sort of shoes that I would like to wear to a wedding. They have a bit of a heel, but you can still be comfortable after a long event! Surprisingly, I'm really digging that shiny pink colour.

Top Right: "ASOS LILLE Pointed Flats"
This style sort of reminds me of CutiePieMarzia. I think this is totally something she would wear! The little poof at the end is so cute and is reminiscent of boudoir slippers.

Bottom Left: "ASOS ACACIA Loafer Ankle Boots"
I'm imagining this worn in Autumn with an all black outfit. Ooooffffff. The patent effect gives a more dressed-up vibe but I would wear this all day every day.

Bottom Right: "Carvela Lexi Cut Out Court Shoes"
I mean.... they're sexy. Look at them. So glam and sexy and badass. The kind of shoes that would look great with a dress or a pair of ripped jeans... Just looking at them makes my heart flutter a bit.

Let me know which one is your fave! But if you can't decide that's ok... because I can't either. All of these are actually currently on sale so ... just sayin'...