The "Summer in a Bottle" Nail Polish

I stole this nail polish from my sister's collection. Well, to justify myself, I did buy it for her in a set as a gift :P It's "Cheeky" by Orly; A beautiful peach with heavy gold shimmer throughout. 

This is such a different colour for me as I usually stick to cool tones.. y'know, purples and blues. Sometimes nudes. But this colour is so summery and happy, it reminds me of sunshine, rosé wine,  sangria and the beach. Basically, summer in a bottle. 

Two coats does it. It doesn't look super opaque but I prefer it that way as it gives it a jelly sort of look. The sparkles in this nail polish are amazing... I often find myself looking down and thinking, oooh prettyyyyy. I think this would look amazing on toes as well.