The Beauty product for Tired Eyes!

I've had these Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches sitting around in my big bag of unused samples for months now. In fact, I've got about 5 different eye patch things that I hadn't touched or ever tried. They remind me of Michelle Phan, as she's the only person who I've really seen wear these. 

On a particularly early morning (7:30 call time woohoo, hence my tired face) I woke up and my eyes felt very puffy and tired. I hadn't slept well at all. On a whim, I stuck the packet of the Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Then I put it on my face and ...... this is the most appropriate way to describe it:

They feel fresh, cool, and magnificent. The patches look almost invisible on the skin and feel quite jelly ish. They also smell quite nice, like lychees and flowers. I removed them after about 15 minutes (the packet says to keep them on for 30 but I had to go) and my eyes definitely felt more awake, less puffy, and there was less darkness under my eyes. 

The packet claims to be anti-stress and anti-fatigue which was just what I needed yesterday. Here is the back of the packet if you care to read :

I recommend these, especially if you place them in the fridge beforehand. I will definitely be trying out more eye patches! The name sounds funny, like a pirate's eye patch. Arrr.