My Favourite Way to Use Coconut Oil

...besides cooking with it? Coconut oil is amazing at removing waterproof mascara.

coconut oil

After going months without using waterproof mascara, I thought to myself, "huh, why don't I use that anymore? Oh right, I don't have waterproof mascara remover"

My Body Shop Chamomile makeup remover had run out. It was a pretty good product and I liked it. But after trying coconut oil to remove waterproof mascara, it's like, why would I buy a 14 dollar bottle of waterproof mascara remover?

Seriously, try it out. Just take some coconut oil, gently massage it around the eye area, and it will break up all the waterproof, long lasting, stubborn makeup. Or any other makeup. Just rub it all over your face. It feels and smells good. Dare I say, it works better than most makeup remover products I've tried? Most probably. It sure as heck works just as well.