Oldies but Goodies| Old Youtube Videos

So. This is something new to my blog. I want to make some posts every now and then where I show some of my favourite videos from beauty vloggers BUT….. they are the oldschool videos from before they got a bajillion subscribers. Or maybe I won't restrict the videos to beauty bloggers, I'll probably just pick any old youtube video.

I've been watching Youtube for a looong time (circa 2006)… And there are some great videos that have been uploaded and forgotten.

The first video I will show today is from the lovely Tanya Burr whom I've watched since she used a shitty camera and had a wallpaper with yellow flowers as her background. Her and her best friend Kate used to make videos together more often and this video is one of my favourite of them.

It's kind of a long video but if you haven't got the time now, just add it to your Watch Later playlist :)