Mini Essie Haul: Light Colours for Spring & Summer

Essie Minimalistic Tuck it in my tux find me an oasis

I'm all about the super light, off-white nail polish colours lately. 

The first shade is Minimalistic by Essie and it's what I'm currently wearing as I type out this post. It's a beautiful light milky pink, kind of a mix between Essie's Ballet Slippers and Fiji. 

The shade in the middle is Find Me an Oasis. I actually haven't tried this one out yet but the colour is such a pretty baby blue. It reminds me so much of Lupita Nyongo's Prada dress at the 2014 Oscars which, by the way, was FAB. 

The last shade is Tuck it in my Tux. When I first applied it, I thought the consistency was rubbish as it was SO sheer. I then realized that it is supposed to have a sheer jelly sort of look and now I like it! I prefer it to having an opaque matte white colour like white-out. The colour is an off-white cream. 

Looking at the colours together in the photo makes me so happy, doesn't it look like candy or ice cream??