Accessories | HRH Collection, H&M

Guys, H&M has been selling really nice accessories lately. Their necklaces are on point, at least I think so, because I'm loving the shorter necklaces. Wearing jewellery is a new discovery for me because I never ever used to wear it. I got four necklaces from H&M and I've actually been wearing one almost every day for about two months. So far, so good - they haven't rusted or turned my skin green. 

I've also got one bracelet from HRH Collection. I've been watching Alex, or, HRH Collection on Youtube since she had only a few videos uploaded. Hands down, she's one of my favourite Youtube gals. I've always loved her jewellery but I thought, oh, I can't pull that off. Anyway, she's come out with some beautiful pieces in the past year and the lust was so strong that I asked my boyfriend for an HRH bracelet for my birthday. I got the Stackable La Dauphine one in "HRH regal purple". The crystal is from Swarovski, a deep purple in a tear drop shape. Purple, by the way, is my most favourite colour. I now think I'm addicted and I need all the bracelets so I can stack them up on my wrist. I've also got my eye on some of her choker-style necklaces. All the pieces are handmade by Alex, and feel really well made.