4 Things that Are Distracting Me From Finals

Halp pls

Game of Thrones.

Seriously. How can you concentrate when you know there is a new episode waiting for you? Only thing to do is to watch it so you can get that distraction out of the way. 

Hockey playoffs.

I like hockey. Throughout the year I don't care as much but I become a hockey fan when it's playoffs season as it gets really exciting here in Montreal. Also, there's a game tonight and I have three essays due tomorrow. I'll just work in front of the TV.

Nice weather.

We have such shitty weather in the wintertime. I'm talking -20°C for about 4 months straight. As soon as it hits above 0°C and sunny it's like, WHY would I sit inside and study??? It's about 8°C now which is t-shirt weather.

Online shopping.

There are so many good sales at the moment. Is anyone else visiting asos every day?? Then putting things in the cart and then closing the tab because you realize you shouldn't spend money? 

Whats distracting YOU from what you have to do?