Purple Setting Powder??

Yeah, I'm a sucker for anything purple. Especially in makeup. This product caught my eye as I was browsing the Sephora website, and since I needed a new setting powder anyway, I ordered it. It is called Brightening Violet Powder by Bésame Cosmetics

The packaging looks super duper cute and vintagey - albeit works slightly awkward. The inner lid (between the powder and the puff) is very thin and it's hard to lift it up. Like trying to lift off a sticker but you cant quite get the side up. The powder is also a little hard to get out; you need to tap it against a surface to get it to shake out a bit, but this is sometimes messy. 

The powder itself is a very light purple, however, it applies fairly translucent. It comes with a powder puff, which seemed very old fashioned to me - however, I found this was the best way to apply the product. I tried using a brush and it just doesn't look the same, or as nice - I found this setting powder is best applied with a kind of stamp-y motion. The result is definitely brightening and it gives a subtle, soft focus-y finish look to your face. Verrry naiiice.