My Go-To Palette / My Inglot Palette

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I often wonder why I don't hear more about Inglot on the blogosphere as they have great makeup. To remedy that, here I present my Inglot palette!

The palette itself is part of something called the Freedom System which is a blank palette and you can pick and choose which shadows you want to stick in there. I picked three "rainbow" eyeshadows, which is "three tones of the same shade of eyeshadow provided in one" (from Inglot website). I essentially bought 3 eyeshadows but really got 9 eyeshadows! And they were about $4 each on sale. Bargain. Unfortunately it was on sale because of the store closing, so now there's no Inglot in Montreal :(
The colours are all matte, pigmented and super silky. The packaging is very small and slim; I'd compare it to one of the Naked Basics palettes. It's easy to say that this is my most used palette since I bought it last August. The colours are so easy and basic, and since they're soo pigmented it doesn't even look like I've used the palette much! I barely made a dent.

I use the colours like they're individual eyeshadows. The medium brown also works for filling in my eyebrows. The orangey colours are a bit more daunting to me but they look really nice mixed with the browns... I will wait for warmer weather since they seem more appropriate to wear then.

Altogether, this is my favourite palette and I love it :) Have you guys ever tried anything by Inglot and what did you think?

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