My Collection of Nudes

Yes, I am aware that the title of this post is an innuendo. Today I will be sharing my nude nail polishes! When in doubt, I always choose to put on a nude nail polish because I know it will go with anything I wear and be appropriate for any occasion.

If you would like to see any of the photos in more detail, simply click on it to enlarge!

"Sand Tropez" by Essie
 This shade and I go way back - way, way back to high school when I had strict uniform rules that included No Nailpolish. I was able to skim by this rule by wearing this shade by Essie (I was such a badass). The colour makes your nails look nice and clean, and the shade was subtle enough to go unnoticed by the uniform police.

"Bare Beige" by Maybelline 
The name says it all. This is a flat-out beige polish. It takes about 3 coats to get decent coverage, and the formula is just ok - it will definitely chip in about 2 days. However, when it's freshly applied (esp. to slightly longer, oval shaped nails), it looks pretty sexay.

"Demure Vix" by Essie 
Behold. My most favourite nail polish shade in the world. Ever. This nail polish is more of a purpley-nude. It is the most gorgeous nude with subtle purple and golden shimmer. I will give this baby a blog post of its own because it's that great! Keep an eye out ;)

"Eva's Nude" by L'OrΓ©al 
A recent addition to my collection. This shade is similar to the Bare Beige by Maybelline but it has a subtle champagne-y shimmer (although you can barely tell when it's applied). Just a good ol' beige that you can't go wrong with.

#372 by Kiko 
This nude shade reminds me of Demure Vix by Essie, which, as I mentioned above, is my most favourite shade. This Kiko nailpolish is like a non-shimmer version of Demure Vix. It is definitely also a purpley-nude shade and it's a shame it doesn't have a more creative name than "#372"!

Since Bare Beige and Eva's Nude look pretty identical when applied, I think I will just repurchase Eva's Nude because it has the better formula. What are your favourite nude polishes?