So Darn Cute.

A Korean beauty & skincare haul. In light of Lisa Eldridge making a video showing the Korean makeup she bought, I thought it was time I re-visit my local Korean beauty boutique. I used to shop there more, but I'm not in that area very often anymore... When I went in, they had so many new products and so I picked some things! 

First of all, I'm drawn to anything purple coloured, especially in makeup. At the Korean cosmetics store, I found this violet lip balm called "Juicy Grape Petite Bunny Gloss Bar" by Tony Moly and a lip stain in "Lavender" by Etude House ... it looks like I ate a grape flavoured popsicle and I love it. The pink lip balm is actually one I bought a long time ago, I just thought it looked super cute with the violet lip balm from the same collection.  

Of course, I had to pick up some face masks.... From TonyMoly, I got a pomegranate one, a broccoli one (lol) and a caviar one (ooo so fancy). And then I got two others in little pots by ItsSkin. The yellow is Honey & Coconut, and the purple is Grape & Blueberry. I can get several uses out of each little pot. The masks were $2 CAD each, So I spent $10 total for about 10 or 11 masks. 

The most interesting product is the ItsSkin hydrating gel, which I will do a full review about on Wednesday. I also got a Steam Cream which is AMAZING and deserves its own post, coming soon! 

I'm very happy with my purchases... And I didn't spend that much money! There were lots of sales and deals. All the packaging is just so darn freakin' cute and I love it. If anyone has any recommendations for Korean products or purple coloured makeup I'd love to know!