ItsSkin Hydrating Gel Review

I purchased this ItsSkin GF Effector at a local Korean beauty boutique. I decided to do a post reviewing this product because I barely found any information on it online.


When reading the ingredients, the first thing that caught my eye was that the main ingredient (besides Water) was "Grifola Frondosa Mycelium Ferment Filtrate Extract". Basically, it's mushroom. Maitake mushroom to be exact. It is apparently a mushroom that is commonly eaten, as well as used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. See what it looks like here 


The ingredient list contains other things commonly found in skin care products such as butylene glycol, glycerin, triglycerides, etc. The product contains parabens. If you are concerned about parabens, there is a post by Caroline Hirons here which has useful information.

A cool apothecary-style blue glass jar. It has an eyedropper. Me likey. 

The Product

The product itself is very watery, and ever so slightly viscous. Two to three drops are enough to cover my entire face. The bottle should therefore last a long time. It almost feels like I'm simply putting water on my face, but it definitely sinks in and makes my skin feel hydrated... like it drank up all the moisture. My skin feels a bit tacky but that goes away after a minute. I don't know if this is classified as a serum, or perhaps it is an essence? 

This product comes from a range of all different coloured bottles that claim to do different things (anti aging, brightening, etc.) This one is the hydrating one. Since this product is so thin and watery, it is ideal to use for layering with other skincare products. As I understand, Korean skincare is very much centered around the belief that one can layer many products and target several things at once. I'm curious about the rest of the range with all the different coloured bottles... I'll definitely post about them if I get them! You could layer a bunch of them :O Altogether, the product is great alone, or to layer with other skincare. Ideally, it would be the first step after toner so it can sink in, and then you go on with your routine like normal. If you have dry skin, and/or live somewhere very cold and windy (holla), it's a welcome added bit of hydration under a normal moisturizer. And for $18 CAD, that's not too bad considering it will last a while.