Disappointing Products :(

Sometimes you try a product and it just doesn't work out... everybody is different, so something that works for a friend might not work for you! This is a little collection of products that I was disappointed in or that I found didn't live up to the hype. 

Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream: I didn't find this did very much... I put it on morning and night but I just don't feel any difference. It doesn't help out with moisturizing, dark circles, anything.... I am determined to finish it though, before buying another eye cream.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara: I know. Everybody loves this mascara except for me. I have quite straight lashes and every time I put this on, I feel like my lashes look spiky and weird. And it also seems to uncurl my lashes. It's sad because I liked the tester version, which is why I bought the full size. 

L'OrΓ©al True Match Foundation: Everyone on Youtube seems to be talking about this foundation. I tried it out but it didn't work for me... I have quite dry skin, and this foundation seemed to accentuate the dryness. Bleh.

MUFE Smoky Extravagant Mascara: This was from the Sephora 2014 birthday sample. I really wanted to like this mascara but it was not a dry enough consistency for my taste. And it also kind of felt heavy on my lashes so my lashes kind of uncurled. 

BareMinerals PrimeTime: The product evens out the skin a tiiiny bit as it's tinted. It is OK to wear on its own and a little bit of concealer. However, with a foundation and other makeup on top, it feels way too slippy... my face feels slippery and cakey and gross. I don't apply a lot, even with a thin layer I am very aware of the fact that there is another layer of something on my face. 

L'OrΓ©al Magic Lumi: Same issue as the True Match foundation, this didn't work very well on my dry skin... Now I just use it on top of BB cream to highlight my cheekbones but nowhere else. 

AAAnnnd finally - I don't have a photo of it because I already returned it - is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It looked really weird on my lashes (clumpy, made them point in different directions) and even my boyfriend asked me incredulously, "Why are your eyelashes like that? They look gross".