I'm gonna paint a picture here: It's finals. I've been wearing glasses every day and haven't had the time to do laundry, so I'm dressed in the same slouchy clothes every day. To make myself feel less blah I've done a bunch of online shopping this black friday weekend (oops. On the bright side I'll have cool stuff to review here). Also, this:

My nail polish has been chipped like this for about a week so I figured I should do something about that. I decided to layer these two nail polishes.

I like wearing green nail polish, especially for the holidays - I think that people usually go for red, but green is also a good way to look festive, especially if it's glittery.

First I applied 3 coats of "Drops of Jade" (55) by Maybelline Color Show, and then layered a L'OrΓ©al top coat in "The Holographic" (804). 

Somehow, doing this made me feel productive, like I accomplished something.