First time trying nail stickers

I bought these Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips about a month ago at Shoppers. They were two dollars, on sale! I never tried these strip things before so it was a good opportunity to give them a go.

The design is called "Cut it Out", and it is a monochrome floral pattern. It's a bit more showy than I'd usually go for, but it's still pretty. Whenever I look down at my nails I'm just so impressed. These were kind of time consuming to apply (maybe cause I'm a newbie?), however, I am happy that I don't have to wait for anything to dry! I've been wearing these for about two days now and they've been holding up really well. 

I think these would be great for traveling because bringing actual nail polish with liquid restrictions and whatnot is a pain in the butt. These would pack so well and apparently they're supposed to last up to 10 days. If there were plainer designs like solid colours I would totally use them! 

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