Drugstore Mascara Find

I've been on a quest to find a mascara that holds a curl. So many mascaras seem to uncurl my lashes, which is so disappointing. No matter how volumizing or lengthening a mascara is, if it can't hold a curl, then it's no bueno! I've tried a bunch the past few months, both high end and low end, none of which I liked. My all time favourite is the Buxom Lash Mascara but it's a little pricey - however, I tried out the Revlon Grow Luscious mascara in the waterproof version and here's what I think!

Several things to note: The brush is massive. Also, the normal non-waterproof version doesn't seem to have as good reviews as the waterproof version. The packaging claims it will make your lashes "grow stronger", but I don't know about that as I've only used it a few times.

The mascara held a curl throughout the day, and was easy to remove at night. Usually, waterproof mascaras are a struggle for me to remove, often resulting in a few lashes coming out :/ . I used the Body Shop's chamomile eye makeup remover and it came off so easily. The Grow Luscious mascara added a lot of length and a decent amount of volume. The mascara started to flake a bit after about 5 hours of wear, which was a little annoying (and weird for a waterproof mascara), but not awful. Here's a before and after: